Friday, January 16, 2009


Plans are underway for the Small Town, USA Class of '84 reunion. Call me a freak of nature, but I have always enjoyed attending my high school reunions. With a graduating class of just over 50, we were a very tight knit group. For the most part.

I have not been good about keeping in touch with my fellow classmates. Of course, they have been busy with work and kids, just like I have. Time gets away from you, and before you realize it, ten more years have passed.

After setting up my Facebook account earlier in the week, I sat back and waited to see what would happen. I was on foreign soil. Much to my surprise, within two hours I had reconnected with 26 of my friends from high school! Thanks to the efforts of "A", we have had a reunion every five years, and NO ONE seems to tire of them!

There will be a bit of a dark cloud over the reunion this year. Since our last gathering, we have lost one of our classmates to cancer. He will truly be missed. The committee is trying to come up with a way to honor him while we are all together.

I would like to know about your class reunion experiences. Good, bad or indifferent...bring them on. You can even post about it - just let me know you are doing it so I can check it out! Tell me if you were involved in the planning process, what you liked most/least, and perhaps what you did to honor those who had passed on.


Mental P Mama said...

84?? You are a baby! My 30th was this past Spring, but I didn't go back to Nashville for it because it was a prom weekend for my kiddos....BTW, I fell off the wagon again last night. Not good.

Predo said...

A dear friend of ours passed away from cancer a few years ago. She was a lovely soul and struggled without complaint for a very long time. She wanted nothing for herself, but asked if anyone felt the need to do something after her passing that they help those who are living still and would benefit more from our gifts. Her wish was both well respected and granted. In her name, people did volunteer work, just dropped in "to say Hi", or bought video games, movies etc. Each person did their little part to make someone elses life a little more comfortable.

I am so glad you found your class mates! I know you are going to have a wonderful time. Get us some Pix!!!!! I wanna see you with the "Biggest Hair" ever!!!!

Caution/Lisa said...

I've only been to a 10th. It was small town Lion's Club tacky and tons of fun! Then we had a 25th three years ago and I wasn't invited!! What's sad is that there was no work in our area, so the kids who went to college never returned and so many of them seemed to have forgotten that part of their lives even existed. There are only a handful of my classmates on Facebook. Golly, this comment is sad, so I better stop typing.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I have not attended any of my class reunions. I always say, 'I'll go to the next one' and then something else comes up. Our 20th was a couple years ago so MAYBE the next one. I always end up talking with somebody that went and they say the turnout is getting smaller every reunion. I graduated with about 150 people, half I have no clue. I had my own agenda in high school and I hung around with the class that graduated the year before me more than my own. Oh well, we'll see.

Unknown said...

WOW...a class of 50.
That is so neat!
My 25th ClassReunion was back in'94
It was AMAZING..and I looked GREAT,even if I say so myself!
(They had a 30th in '99 and I didn't go to that late husband died that year.) So the next one should be in 2019...Ha..I'd better start NOW on LOOKING GOOD!
SERIOUSLY...We want to see LOTS of Pictures!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Wow, 50 students? I thought MHS was small - we had 98 in our graduating class.

We've had several pass away since graduation. They were referenced in the handout/booklet that they gave us, but otherwise I do not believe there was anything special done (I'm not saying that's right, though).

I find the best reunions are the ones that are more informal and less structured, with enough room for mingling but not so loud that you can't hear yourself think.

YOu will definitely have fun and will look mahvelous.

Busy Bee Suz said...

50 in your class? that is awesome. And you have already found 1/2 of them. cool.
we had about 350 in our graduating class and I was only at the school less than 2 years, so i did not have a huge group of friends. I went to our 10th. Lo was about 2 and I was 4 mo. preggers with little one. so needless to say, there was no drinking and I did not look preggers, just fat w/ big boobs. everyone thought I had a boob job. not a fantastic memory. :)
I hope yours is great!!!

littletoesandcheerios said...

Some reunions have a candle light service for those who have passed.
I love facebook! It has helped me reunite with a lot of friends from high school. My class was around 50 as well.
Get this, one of my word verifications was "pignod"! I nodded, oinked and went on about my day. LOL

Keetha said...

My ten year reunion was about ten years ago. Our school is so small that the class of 88, 89, and 90 (my class) had their reunions together. There were 28 people in my graduating class.

Our hometown is the - wait for it - Catfish Capital of the World. Yes, indeedy. There is - wait for it - a World Catfish Festival held each April. Apparently, this year the school is having a general class reunion for all the folks who've attended that school ever. Should be fun.

At the ten year reunion, held a the country club, a fistfight broke out. Then it really did feel like high school.

Unknown said...

My graduation class was huge, like 600 or more. I never went to any for a long time. Then they started having huge reunions for all classes over 25 years together, every summer. It's during the day and on the beach. There are banners for each year's area, but really it's one huge hootenanny hanging out on the beach where we hung out as teenagers.

Have fun and take pictures!!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

My graduating class was 17!!! cape Henry Collegiate School in Va Beach before the huge expansion...

We had all had enough of each other by the time of graduation, so have never been to any reunions.

A collection made to the cancer society might be an appropriate idea.


Suz Broughton said...

I haven't ever been, but I WANT to go! It just never has worked out.
Facebook has been the next best thing--and I don't even have to buy a new dress!

I Am Woody said...

Haven't been to a single one!!

Geri said...

Facebook brings everybody together. I love it. It's such a great way to keep up with everybody.

Anonymous said...

We only have reunions every 10 years. I was due any day with DD2 at my 10th reunion, so my 20th in
'06 was the first one I made. We had a great time, and I've also been keeping up with high school friends through Facebook lately. said...

I have never had one! My high school of choice was not where I graduated. I only went for the last half of my senior year to the one I ended up at in the end. How pathetic is that? I only went for half a day, too. I barely knew anyone when I graduated high school.

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Ooooh. SSG's 20th is coming up in a few years. I didn't go to my 10th. I keep up with some high school friends sporadically, but we went to a school where my class was 800 people! If I go in 2012 I'm going to have to STUDY my yearbook so I can try and remember people. High school was meh for SSG. But a college dorm reunion? I'd. Be. IN!

Thrifty Cents said...

OH my...20 in 2 hrs? I am SO addicted to Facebook...I keep saying I'm going to delete my account so that I can get back to blogging during my "computer time", but I just can't bring myself to do it! As far as my reunions, I haven't been to any and don't want to...can you tell I never liked school?!

nikkicrumpet said...

I got stuck doing the planning for our 15 and our 20 year...and I didn't go to either of them. Didn't make the 25th either. I guess I'm just antisocial.

Anonymous said...

I have Miss Marlene beat--- 15 in my class! Of course, I went to a private school.
We have had a 10 year reunion. It went very well and it was great to see everyone.

Love Facebook!

Baby Favorite said...

I love class reunions! I don't usually help with the planning, but I ALWAYS go. I am one of the rare people who actually loved high school!

Chere said...

84, how about 74. This year is our 35th High School reunion. I say we because I married the boy I was dating my senior year. We did not marry right out of high school though. This April we will have been married for 29 years. There were 215 in our graduating class. The last one was a blast. Have fun at your reunion.