Friday, February 18, 2011


On a recent work-related visit to a teeny, tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, I stumbled upon this pile of old bricks. The house (a portion of which is shown in the top right corner) had burned, and these beauties were salvaged from the wreckage.

I couldn't help but wonder where these bricks would eventually end up. What would they be in their next life? My imagination went WILD with the possibilities! Personally, I would be willing to give them a nice home, and lovingly care for them. Unfortunately, no one offered to hand them over!!

What would you do with these bricks? I'm really hoping that my friend the Vinyl Villager responds to this question...he always has the BEST ideas:)

The temperature is hovering in the mid-seventies today. It gives me hope that spring is near. It's been a long, hard winter, and this chick is SO ready to get outside and play in the dirt!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Nineteen years ago today, I gave birth to an amazing little bundle of joy. She has been my sunshine since the moment I first saw her!

I've watched her learn to walk, and learn to drive. I've seen her dress like a princess, and sing like a bird. I've wiped her tears, and picked up pieces of her broken heart. I've worried, prayed, cheered, scolded, clapped, laughed, and worried some more. She made my life complete.

This is the first time that I have not been with her on her birthday. It's sad, but I take comfort in the fact that she is moving on to bigger and better things. She is once again learning to walk....this time, on her own.

Happy 19th Birthday, Snow White! You are the light of my life!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red Doors

I started a new job in December, and one of my favorite assigned tasks is to visit an old property to determine if it's a candidate for revitalization. These doors belong to the beautiful Oak Grove Elementary School in Westmoreland County.

I don't know if she'll ever make the cut...

...but, as with most things in life, time will tell.

Thinking of my beloved grandmother on her birthday. She would have been 99. Happy Birthday, Grandma! You are loved and missed.