Thursday, January 19, 2012


I had an epiphany this evening. I've become "THAT" know, the one you pray your whole life that you never become:/

What happened to me? I used to be the career woman/mom who worked hard all day and rushed home to prepare a nutritious meal for her family to share. There was conversation, there was laughter, there was Snow White's phone alerting her to a new text message every thirty seconds. Most nights, I went to bed with a sense of having accomplished something in my professional AND personal lives.

Now? I work four ten hour days. (Hey! I'm STILL a career woman!) I come home, light candles, turn on the radio and stalk people on Facebook try to decide what I want to eat for supper. (This week, my dinners du jour have been Cheez-Its, and/or Crunch & Munch. Each paired well with a nice Cabernet. Or, a cheap Merlot.) I then fall into bed, exhausted and wondering if I need a pet to keep me company. I'm six cats and a muumuu away from becoming the Crazy Cat Lady!!!

How, you may or may not ask, do I fill the hours on my day off? Well, let's see, I go to the dump, do laundry, burn trash, clean, and, on a good week, I go to Wally World to stock up on wine. And Crunch & Munch. It really IS all about the simple things in life. Or, perhaps, I've just become SIMPLE!!

My GOSH it's great to be blogging again! I've missed you all terribly, and I'm sending out an S.O.S. for you to come to BFE to visit BHE. VERY soon...

Side Note to My Uncle R: It really is safe for you to come and visit next month. I promise! Do you like Crunch & Munch?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tid-Bits

1. Today is a Tuesday-that-feels-like-Monday-stick-out-your-tongue sort of day. Neither good nor bad, just BLAH!

2. I ate Cheez-Its for supper last night. My high school Home-Ec teacher would be horrified. Although, they made a colorful, napkin.

3. Snow White and I spent a wonderful holiday season together:) She is now back at school, has pledged a sorority, and has fallen into her old ways of forgetting to text her Mama on a regular basis:/ Oh, well, I'll hear from her soon...she'll need money!

4. Why is it so much fun to burn trash in a barrel?

5. How did I ever survive without my Tervis Tumblers? "The world's first smart cup," INDEED! I. LOVE. THEM.

6. I have not had a television, by choice, for almost a year. My sister gave me her DVD player, but it had been sitting unused in the living room for almost a month. Yesterday I made the mistake of popping in a movie. I figured I'd enjoy a show while polishing off a pot of coffee on my day off. Well, three movies and a four hour nap later, I realized WHY I had chosen NOT to have that sort of entertainment around...I WON'T GET ANYTHING DONE!!! I turn into a lazy slug

7. This pesky cold has been hanging on for over a week now. I believe I will use this as my excuse for taking a four hour nap yesterday.

8. Did I mention that I took a FOUR HOUR NAP yesterday?

9. My great-grandmother was right, Vick's Vapor Rub and Nyquil CAN cure most anything that ails you.

10. What's happening in your world today??