Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

I'm a bit late getting this posted,
but wanted to share a little Easter joy with you. 
The Wednesday before Easter, one of my residents surprised me with a delicious Easter lunch and a
box of chocolate treats. 
She decorated everything...even the orange:) 
My sweet residents are why I love my job!

Easter Lunch from a sweet resident!

One of my favorite Easter traditions is decorating the cross with flowers. 
(If you're not familiar with this practice,
please click here for a great overview.)
As I drove up Route 14 through King & Queen County earlier this week,
I noticed that several churches had put their Flowering Crosses outside
on display. 
Despite the fact that the flowers were beginning to wilt,
they were beautiful! 
My pictures don't really do them justice, but you get the general idea.

Old Church United Methodist Church - King & Queen Co.
Poroporone Baptist Church - King & Queen Co.
 I shipped Snow White's Easter treat box out to her earlier in March,
so there were no baskets to be found at Casa de Envy on Easter morning. 
In addition, both of my family gatherings took place Saturday.  
Combine all of that with the fact that the weather Sunday was dreadful, 
and you had the perfect recipe for lying on the sofa and napping
watching movies.

Easter landed in March this year, and we have yet to experience a truly warm day. 
I'm anxious for spring to arrive. 
Ah, who am I kidding?  I'm ready for summer!

Have a great weekend!