Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Birthday Wish

My fabulous friend, Noe Noe Girl, is celebrating her birthday today! I want her to know how happy I am to have her in my life. She makes me laugh, she lends an ear when I need one to bend, and she is the one who is responsible for my wonky teeth fetish! What more could you ask from a friend?!

Happy Birthday, Noe! Love you BUNCHES:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tid-Bits

**Snow White called today and we talked for 45 minutes. She will be home in six weeks, and I doubt there will be time to sleep....too much catching up to do!

**I'm beginning to organize my menu for our Day-After-Thanksgiving Celebration. Besides turkey, what is your favorite holiday dish?

**Yesterday evening I went out into the yard and picked up a large ziplock bag full of acorns. I plan to incorporate them into my holiday decorations this year. Move over, Martha, BHE is in town!!
**Well, ladies, it seems that our girl, Krystal Ball, is as much a fan of hijinx as the rest of the Blisters!
**There is a dead baby copperhead in my driveway. We believe our cat is responsible. She is being given extra treats this week:)
**Just say "yes" to tortellini with andouie sausage:)
**My sweet dog is not feeling well. Please keep him in your prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes or whatever it is that applies. He's almost 13, and a Mama worries:/
**Favorite summer memory? GO!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Tid-Bits

* I've begun to realize that this blog has been inspired mostly by my daughter. Now that she is away at college, I really don't have much to write about. Sad. But true. I am, however, working on getting a life!

* We attended a funeral yesterday. Why is it that it takes a wedding or a funeral to bring certain groups of people together? Let's all promise to stay in touch with those who are important in our lives. UmK?

* It was 42 degrees at home this morning. Brrr! I'm a summer gal, but, in all honesty, I do enjoy a nice warm sweater:)

* The beautiful hummingbirds graced us with their presence from the first of May to the first of October....longest season ever! I hope it's a new trend:)

* Our pool will officially be closed on October 13. I consider that to be the beginning of the holiday season! (51 days until Thanksgiving, 81 days until Christmas)

* Our church will honor its 168th year with a Homecoming celebration this Sunday. It's humbling to be a small part of something that has served our community for so long.

* I helped cater a wedding last Saturday. The wedding was held at a local church, and the reception was at the bride's family farm. As the afternoon wore on, I noticed that no one was dancing. It was only when I went out to begin clearing the tables that I realized WHY no one was dancing.....they were all playing cornhole!! Bwahahahaha!!

* Tuesdays really aren't so bad:) Enjoy!