Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Road Trip - Texas

Welcome to Texas!

Home of the elusive, yet ever-lovely, bucket-stealing Grandma J!

Where husbands wither in the ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN degree heat!

Where sad parents drop their daughter off to pursue her dreams.

Where blog friends meet for the very first time!!

Hi, Krissa!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!

Where couples enjoy ferry rides.

Only in the beautiful state of Texas;)


Monday, August 30, 2010

Road Trip - Pensacola Beach

It's been almost three weeks since I have posted, and WHAT a three weeks it's been! We had a little family beach vacation, dropped our daughter off at college, visited blog friends, and ate our way across the country and back trekked through nine states! WHEW! As much as I enjoyed that 3400 mile trip, it sure is nice to be home:)

Today's post is dedicated to our beach trip. Our family has enjoyed vacationing at the beach since SW was a baby. It seemed only fitting that we hit the beach one last time before she headed off to school!

The beach was WONDERFUL, but, judging by the pictures I took, the food must have been our main focus!!!

Anybody hungry??!!

The beautiful white sand beach was a real treat! My dad told me that it would look like sugar, and it certainly did!

A BP cleanup crew was working a ways down the beach. I'm not sure exactly what they were cleaning up, but goggles and handwipes were available at every boardwalk. The water was clear, dolphins were swimming AND schools of little fish were jumping all around the area where CB and SW were wading in the water.

The day got a bit stormy, but we were not deterred from enjoying our time outdoors!

This photo was taken our last evening before departing for Texas. I LOVE this pic of my two faves;)

Look for the Texas post coming later in the week. Missed you guys!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, we've hit mid-week, and packing is progressing slowly. We have, however, successfully purchased a laptop and a net book, and have crossed numerous other items off of our collective to-do lists. Now, if we could JUST find out about Snow White's room assignment! GAH!

SW has been extremely organized, and there are only a dozen items remaining on her "needs" list. One more trip to Target, and we should be done spending so much freakin' money shopping for school.

The family room is a disaster. I'm confident it will get worse before it gets better!!

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...

Monday, August 9, 2010

One Week

This photo was taken at Bud's Beach back in April. Snow White was on Spring Break, and we had a wonderful day relaxing together!

One week from now my family will be on a sunny beach soaking up a few rays. The car will be in the parking lot, packed from top to bottom with all things college. I'm sure the conversation will also be about all things college. And childhood memories. There will be laughter, and perhaps a few tears. A brief time of familiarity before transitioning into the unknown.

Over the weekend, SW had about forty of her friends over for one last hoorah before they prepare to head off to college. And hoorah they did! Many were overcome with the reality that they weren't going to be seeing each other until Thanksgiving or Christmas...no more chatting in the halls, or at the Friday night football games. (I was overcome with the amount of filth that forty kids can generate in a relatively short period of time!) They said their tearful goodbyes and promised to keep in touch.

This week I am going to attempt to document the preparation that will go into our pending road trip. The good. The bad. The ugly. Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Snow White's godparents were in town over the weekend to help celebrate my mom's birthday. (Happy Birthday, Mom!) One of the scheduled activities was a trip to the ball field for an evening of baseball. Due to the busyness of life, and a pesky little franchise change, it had been YEARS since we had gone out to the field.

Photo Credit: www.madeineastwood.com

In all honesty, I had forgotten how much FUN a baseball game can be...especially if it's at night! The cursing at the umpires/pitcher/third baseman cheering, the drunks spilling their beer lively crowd, and the silly antics of "Nutzy", the mascot, made for a wonderful evening. The season is winding down, but I'd like to think that we will be able to squeeze in one more game before it's over.

When is the last time you went to a baseball game? Played baseball? Spilled your beer?