Sunday, December 28, 2008


Why is it that a teenager can sleep for three hours and look as fresh as a daisy, while a forty-something can sleep for eight hours and look like she hasn't slept for a month???

The inhabitants of Casa de Envy underwent some changes over the holidays. No, I'm not referring to the number of pounds we have collectively gained. That's another post for another, more depressing, day. The changes I would like to point out are actually POSITIVE!

Prior to the crazy Christmas rush, Snow White and I each paid a visit to our magician (hairdresser) Michelle. That woman can perform miracles. I added some sassy new bangs (to cover up the forehead wrinkles), and Snow White had her hair cut and colored a VERY dark brown (to accentuate her youthful beauty - it's alright if you hate her for being so cute). I told Michelle to make sure to keep SW's card handy, because the gray was taking over my hair, and I REALLY liked the color combo she came up with:)

During the course of our family celebration on Friday, SW & my niece made plans to shop on Saturday. Little Sis and I decided that we would like to shop as well. After all, that Christmas money was NOT meant to be put away for a rainy day!!! We packed up the girls, and met at Prime Outlets in Williamsburg. The Liz Claiborne outlet alone was worth the trip. (FYI) So we ended up with new outfits, as well as new hairdos! Go, Us!!!

Stay tuned for my South Beach Diet blogs that will be coming up in the next week or so. THAT will spell change...and a countdown to my 25th High School Class Reunion:/ Yes, 25th. Stop laughing. Now.

I saved the best for last. THE most exciting new change came Christmas morning. Santa (Cool Breeze) delivered a new Verizon Broadband Modem for our computer. The one that we like to call "The Dinosaur". WE HAVE HIGH SPEED INTERNET NOW!!!! NO MORE (*&$(*&$(*&@^^! DIAL-UP!!! Yes, my lovelies, I am now able to blog AT HOME!!! Yiiippppeeeeee!!! I believe my life is now complete. Either that, or my Blogger Butt is in BIG trouble.

The weather has even decided to change. It has been in the seventies here all day, and I cannot begin to tell you how elated I am!! It will end soon, but I'll take all the warm weather I can get:)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and are looking forward to the new year.

What changes have YOU made?


Heidi said...

YOu two look like SISTERS!!!!! Changes huh, um - I want to get rid of this frigin baby fat.... not the fat on the baby either...just the fat that he left behind for ME!! LOL

I Am Woody said...

I think you look fantastic. The bangs are perfect!!! Good lord, you and CB sure do make beautiful babies!

Yay for high speed!!!

Changes? Well, I got a trainer for my bike so now I have no excuse not to ride. I expect the pounds to just melt away. Hopefully.....

Unknown said...

I love the hair dos. The dark brown looks good on Snow White.

Where does everyone get all the Christmas loot? I never have money to shop the day after Christmas. I do think all the best buys are in January anyway.

I love Liz Clairborne, but I find better deals in the department stores. The outlet I used to go to in So CA didn't have the same stuff that was in the stores.

I can't wait for the diet that's all I should read in the new stuff, with my mouth duct taped closed.

Unknown said...

I couldn't tell who was the mother and who was the sister in that picture : ). You are only as young as you feel, right?

I can't read diet posts. They make me depressed to no end! Reunions make me depressed too! ICK!

I am glad you are joining the
2000's with your internet access : ).

Bella Della said...

You guys are beautiful! I love the bangs and I might be dialing up your hairdresser for that color too. I swear 20 more grays show up every morning. I'll be 32 in a few weeks and I have been graying since 16- I swear!

Welcome to the world of high speed. We had dial-up here for a bit and canceled it bc it was like Chinese water torture. Thank god our little phone company delivered high speed or I would have gone nuts.

Back to work tomorrow :(

Unknown said...

That broadband connection does make everything really nice. I am so happy for us, I mean you, that you can now blog 24/7. both look incredible and I agree, more like sister's than mom/daughter. There are definitely some good genes running in that family.

I will definitely be reading all your diet posts with a lot of enthusiasm.

Question- did we ever take photos of ourselves with our prehistoric/before digital cameras the way kids do today? It just makes me laugh when they start doing that. We were always asking people to take a photo of us and now they just do it themselves...just wondering!!!

I am glad you guys had a great holiday and I look so forward to spending many more years with you and your wonerful fam.

Love ya,


littletoesandcheerios said...

You both look gorgeous! You do indeed look alike! It's great to have a girls day out like that.

Way to go for the high'll spoil ya!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

You both are BEAUTIFUL! The only change I made is going outside : )

Karen Deborah said...

at forty something you are complaining? Gimme a break. You look great! How do you find a good hairdresser? I had one and lost him and now my hair is too short. Oh well it grows, but stink it's a lot of money to pay for some color and not the haircut that you asked for. ummm now whose complaining? My kids took pictures of me, my fat rolls have given my boobs a lift, I'm in BIG trouble. Bring on the diet posts.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I am so envious of your new internet service! I am probably the last lone idiot with dial-up. Sigh.

You two definitely look like sisters.

Looking forward to the South Beach posts. I certainly hope that diet includes wine, though, otherwise I'm doomed to fail.

Cool Breeze said...

My girls look AWESOME!

Mental P Mama said...

Too funny! The faster my Internet gets, the bigger my butt grows. It is directly related. I'll South Beach it with you starting on the 2nd.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Now which one is SW again??

Just love the new DOs! You have submitted this to Aqua Net..correct?

I'm right behind you on the high out!

South Beach?? I want to go..can I get directions from mapquest?

Thrifty Cents said...

You are both adorable! Love the hair! It's nice to SEE you on here ;o)
2 of my many many New Years Resolutions are to stop procratinating (so I'm not writing a research paper in 2 days!) and to arrive 5 minutes early everywhere instead of 10 minutes late! We'll see how that works out for me!

Shonda Little said...

You look awesome for three hours of sleep.
I'm totally down with dieting together. Let's do it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVE the are BOTH adorable. Don't give yourself too LITTLE credit, you look fab.
The shopping sounds like so much fun...glad someone is stimulating the economy!!!!
my changes? bigger butt. More wrinkles. still bad hair, but getting better!!!
We are in Tuckaseegee, NC.
Bear lake reserve. Near Sylva and Cashiers.

Anonymous said...

Finally,I get to see what you really look like,What wrinkles?You two look like twins.Really.happy new year to you,your dd and your sweet dh...Ann

Predo said...

You are so silly! You BOTH look simply FABULOUS, STUNNING, need I say HOT? Look at you. You are both just precious! Love the new color as well!

Baby Favorite said...

It's clear where your beautiful daughter gets her great looks! You're both just darling.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too!

nikkicrumpet said...

You both look to dang cute!!! Glad the holidays and post days of Christmas treated you well!!! said...

Wow! What a wonderful time! Both of you, your hair looks adorable and that is inspiring, And I DO need inspiring in the hair department. I need a cut bad!
The South Beach thing sounds intriguing... I will check it out!

Anonymous said...


Do you see the green hue that is hovering over my post?? I am still on that God forsaken dial-up. Grr....

I think change is scary..but always a good thing!:)