Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Made Simple

When my sisters and I were little, we were quite capable of amusing ourselves in the summer. The great outdoors offered endless opportunities, and we didn't need transportation to find them. It took SO long to hook the dinosaurs up to the chariot, and you never knew when one of those cement wheels was going to chip away and ruin your outing. It was just better to stay home.

We didn't have cell phones, we had phones made of tin cans and yarn. There were no video games, there were books and board games. Dance, Dance Revolution wasn't even in the conception phase, but we sure had the moves when we were jumping off of bales of hay in the barn. There wasn't room for a kitchen set; however, the roots of the huge oak tree offered countless ways to prepare and serve acorn-studded mud pies to a group of friends. We would even offer to push them in the tree swing. (Not OFF of the swing.)

Once in a while, Mr. Slate would let Dad off of work a little early. We would rush to meet him at the door and BEG him to turn on the sprinklers. It was more fun than going to the pool - and we didn't have to hook up the dinosaurs. While Dad grilled up some Brontosaurus burgers, we took turns running through those glorious little droplets of cool H2O. We may have even played nice. At least for a little while. When dinner was ready, we would wrap ourselves in beach towels and head over to the picnic table. As we ate, we would see the first flickerings of the lightning bugs coming out for their nightly visit. Our evening was usually topped off with either watermelon or ice cream. It didn't really matter which.

Life was good, and simple.

What are YOUR favorite childhood summer memories?


Lori said...

Ahh, those were the days...My BFF and I could leave the house on our bikes and be gone all day, just home in time for supper! No worries about where we were or people kidnapping us!

Then head to the teenage years, it was the lake and beer!!

HalfAsstic.com said...

Oh heavens, yes! The lightening bugs! I do so remember running around in the front yard with my cousins and a mason jar catching lightening bugs. Loads of fun!

Keeper Of All Things said...

I miss lighting bugs!!!
Ripping thier lil buggy butts off and smearing it on our fingers like rings!!!
Oh like the bugs you confined to the jar ever made it out alive!
FL doesn't have them.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Oh, the good old days. I always find myself telling my daughter, 'back when I was young..'

I too remember taking off and being gone all day. We would go for miles and our parents never had to worry about us.

One of our favorite destinstions was the creek - looking back on it now, it was kind of a dangerous place to be because the old bridge was torn out leaving lots of obstacles to get hurt on. We used to slide down the hill to the creek. As we got older we ventured further. Those were such good times. Thanks for the memories

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

I ALWAYS wanted to see lightening bugs. We don't get them on the west coast : ( My favorite summer memories--THE BEACH. San Diego was an amazing spot to grow up boogie boarding and swimming. Flip flops and eating tuna sandwiches and cold grapes while sprawled out on a beach towel. That's what I miss!

Caution said...

We had one sprinkler and no a/c. That sprinkler was precious to me! Now I have a/c, a pool, and a hot tub and my kids would prefer to spend the entire day with video games.

Amy said...

Those were the days! Now kids rarely enjoy the outdoors. I loved the lightening bugs too. I was so excited when I played a lightening bug in a play in the 1st grade. I enjoyed playing kick ball and swimming at our local pool all summer.
Kids today have no idea the fun they are missing.
Their memories will be that they beat a certain video game or danced alone with their ipod!