Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hey, Grandpa! What's for Supper?

Our annual family reunion was held last Saturday. Snow White and I stopped by this little country store on our way to the farm. When I was growing up, the store was called "Lum's", but now it is called "The Country Market". That's appropriate. My grandfather used to take us to Lum's on a fairly regular basis. We could get glass bottled soft drinks from the iced down Coke cooler, hand dipped ice cream, Moon Pies and penny candy. Yes, folks, you could buy candy for a penny back then. When dinosaurs roamed the earth. Lum would put our candy in a tiny brown paper bag, roll the top of the bag so that nothing fell out, and say, "Thanks, Boop"! I just loved him.

I don't recall Grandma ever going with us on these excursions. I honestly think that PaPa used us as an excuse to run out on a hot summer say and get a Brown Mule. It was his favorite ice cream bar.

I was sorry that I hadn't stopped in the night before. Look at that take-out dinner menu. They had me at "Pork Chops Smothered in Onions and Gravy"! It's hard to see the bottom of the sign, but dinner also included your choice of two veggies, your choice of dessert, a roll and I believe iced tea. Sweet. Total cost for this stick-to-your-ribs meal? 8 bucks. A country bargain.


Lori said...

Your PaPa sounds like he was wonderful!

Big Hair Envy said...

He was the best.

Diva said...

Awesome post!

My hub's family is from a small town and I dig it when we go up there.

Those small mom & pop diners are the whip.

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Awww! I want SO badly to live in the country. The equivalent of a country store in Portland? Williams Sonoma. I love grandpas, mine used to carry a handkerchief, smoke a pipe and paint. He was the best.

Jenn said...

I remember the country market my grandma used to take me to. Good memories!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog....from one spiral perm addict to another. Hey...I thought that I was the only one who wrote about Aqua Net!