Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This photo was taken last summer during a relaxing trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina!

When I find myself bemoaning the normal weather for this time of year, my dad is quick to remind me that even if it takes a turn for the worse, it can't last much longer! Those encouraging words, coupled with frequent daydreams about sun, sand, and surf, tend to get me through the bleak winter months. Not that this winter has been especially bleak. In fact, the above-average temperatures have propelled this cold and flu season forward at a record clip! I can't imagine what my propane bill would have been if it had actually gotten COLD for more than five days... Suits me just fine.

I stepped outside during my lunch hour today and was greeted with bright sunshine and a mild breeze. As I soaked up a few rays, I thought back to my trip to the beach last summer. It's time to start planning this year's trip...up to and including ensuring that I have plenty of those luscious fresh tomatoes to place in the sunny kitchen window of the cottage!!

What is your secret to surviving the winter months? Do you prepare certain comfort foods? Do you need a special heat lamp to ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder? Do you wrap up in your Snuggie and hibernate until spring??!! Please share your tips, and commiserate...it's not for much longer:)