Monday, August 3, 2009

Fall? Really?

As much as I hate to admit it, signs are beginning to point to Fall. Poplar leaves have begun to scatter about the yard, Halloween and GASP Christmas items are being placed on store shelves, and the calendar says that "August" has arrived. I'm still in denial.

Last Friday, Snow White's boyfriend headed off to begin his college career in the great state of Texas! He will definitely be missed.....and not just by Snow White! The Boy With The Perfect Teeth has a bright future ahead of him, and the determination to succeed. We are looking forward to his visit over the Thanksgiving holiday! There WILL be lime squares:)

My beautiful mom had a birthday on Saturday. We celebrated with a Girls' Brunch Out at Strawberry Street Cafe in Richmond. Mom x 2, Cheerleader Girl & Mom x 2's Mom rounded out our party of six. Three generations of two different families.....that's good stuff!!

It's not often that Mom, Snow White and I are all together. When we are, we certainly try to make the most of it!!
This doe and her two fawns showed up in the yard over the weekend. I believe that you can see the spots on the fawns if you enlarge the photo. Where was Asthma Girl's camera when I needed it??!! My little point and shoot doesn't take very good pictures at 321,452,881 yards.

Finally, these phallic odd mushrooms keep sprouting up all over the yard. Hmmmm...
(Insert clever comment. I got nothin'!!)

Fall. It will be here before we know it. **sigh**


Daryl said...

Hush your mouth! Its AUGUST and in NewYawk there are no signs of fall.. only humidity and rain and heat and rain and .. well you get it ...

What gorgeous women you are! And SnowWhite's teeth are pretty perfect ...

Lime Squares? Lime Squares? Do you need my mailing address??????

Unknown said...

I can do some drive-bys and check on that handsome lad if you want....or if I want!

One of my new neighbors said she spotted a mamma and two baby deer in the adjoining pasture. I hope to get a peak one evening. I have to see if the one that walked past my window on her way to the highway is one of them.

I'll trade you some pineapple squares for some of your lime?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I thought you were talking about lime slices, the kind that fit in a Corona. (Children! That's not what she meant. Ignore the words coming from CBW's keyboard.)

Anywho, FALL! You are reading my mind. Coming down the Colonial Parkway today, I saw a larger tree with (gasp!!) dead leaves on it! Oh, the horror!! Before you know it, I'll be wheeling around in a nursing home wondering what happened to the time.

Quick, let's hurry up and pack in some fun. How about a crab steam on Saturday night 5-7 p.m. at the local ruritan club? It's a fundraiser, but it's all you can eat crabs. momx2, nng, all of y'all should head east and make a night of it.

Unknown said...

I told you so!!! I told you fall and Christmas were on their way. Now do you believe me?

Happy birthday to your Mom!!! What a gorgeous group you all are and what a great way to celebrate!!!!

Is Boy with the Perfect Teeth studying dentistry? How is Snow White holding up? Break will be here before you know it.

The deer are beautiful...I love Bambi's.

That mushroom looks like a golf ball on a tee...which is what my Dad use to do with mushrooms that would spring up around the yard...he'd take a golf club and wack 'em.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love fall and would love it to cool off a bit. It is 96 and humid as heck today. :)
Love all the pictures. Great birthday lunch with some gorgeous gals!!!
Now I can't get this song out of my head..."doe a deer, A female Deer..."
Thanks BHE. :) said...

Looks like both of those kids have the perfect teeth syndrome! And they're both adorable!
Those mushrooms are.... *sigh* erect. (You must have known someone would say it!) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your mom is gorgeous!! Great group of ladies there! :)
Look at you.. showing some cleavage, girl! :)

I Am Woody said...

Happy Birthday, BHE's Mom!!

She is a beautiful lady. We know now where you and Snow White get your looks!

Ellen said...

Happy birthday to your mom.

Oh deer! That's about all I can say about those critters - I used to drive through Valley Forge Park in PA back and forth to work and those darn things were the cause of more accidents. And now, some 25 years later, the population is even bigger - gah!

As far as that fungus on your lawn - interesting. the only ones we get look like the pee-pee's of little doggies. Not a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are just lovely! A girls brunch with all those generations! AND momx2! Hey Beth!

I wish I had been there with my camera! I love shootin' deer!

I'll be shooting big game tomorrow... Big Ben! Woot!

abb said...

Happy birthday to mom!

We had an entire embarrassing crop of those mushrooms in our yard. They were brown...and very graphically close to sumthin' else. Just sayin'.

Brittany said...

You have such a beautiful family! Such a randomly cute post :)

Unknown said...

Well now I can see where you and Sonw White get your beauty from!
Happy Birthday to Mom!
As to Fall...I'm excited to see it but also sad that summer has to end, it has gone by so quickly.
Lime Squares sound wonderful...You MUST post that recipe! :)

Holy Crappers said...

As much as I adore the summer and my pool, I always look forward to the fall.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Great pictures of 3 generations! Looks like you guys had fun!!

Caution/Lisa said...

I'm sorry, but FALL IS NOT HERE. Okay, that feels better. Those are some beautiful and young grandmothers in that picture.

Texas is a long way from VA. I do think that SW and her own perfect teeth would have been hard to leave.

Keeper Of All Things said...

I had the most wittiest comment to leave...............till I read Buay Bee I can't stop humming that song!!!!!

Mental P Mama said...

We have lots of falling leaves, too. sigh. I see where you and Snow White get your beautiful faces from....Happy Birthday Big Hair Mama!

Keetha said...

The Child starts school tomorrow so fall is indeed here, even if the heat index will be over 100 tomorrow.

Love the doe and fawns in the yard.

Country Girl said...

I love Fall but it will wait. It must be pefect conditions for mushrooms where you are.
I have some growing on a wall here at the manor house.
I am not kidding, either. If I owned the place, it would have been fixed by now.

Barking Mad! said...

They've been advertising BACK TO SCHOOL stuff around here since late June, so it didn't surprise me that before I could even tear off the page for July on the calendar, I was already seeing TV ads for Halloween.

Truth be told, Autumn is my favorite time of year and I'm looking forward to it this year as I'm hoping with it's coming it brings me personally bluer skies.

Loved, absolutely LOVED your photos. Especially the one of you, Snow White and your mum. So sweet!

And the mushrooms? Yeah, I'm fresh out of witty comments/smart ass remarks myself!

Audrey at Barking Mad!

Anonymous said...

what ARE those mushrooms? TrailerParkBarbie has the same dick shrooms in her yard! miss those days. They really were the funnest of my life.

foolery said...

I was gonna say -- Snow White has some perfect teeth herself! Those are two very deep and pure gene pools assembled in that room, for sure. : )

New blog site: Mushroom Envy

Meg McCormick said...

Summer's winding down but August is LONG. Savor every moment!

Unknown said...

Your Mom is so beautiful! And so are you! And your gorgeous daughter : ).

I don't like to think about fall yet. I know it is coming, but I am pretending it isn't! : )