Friday, August 14, 2009

Be Thankful

There are SO many things in life that I take for granted. I go about my busy days, hardly noticing my surroundings or the people that surround me. I'm constantly worrying about the next task at hand, the meeting tomorrow night, or Snow White's work schedule. Sadly, it takes something drastic to "shake me up" and force me to focus on what is truly important.

We have been preparing all week for Snow White's departure. Cool Breeze took her to the airport very early this morning, and put her on a plane bound for Texas. Alone. Over the next few days, I will be worried sick about her safety, her eating habits, and whether or not she wore her retainer. I know she will fly back home next week armed with hundreds of photographs, and hundreds of stories to accompany them. In the mean time, I am trying to be thankful that I have a healthy, confident teenager, who is not afraid of an adventure!

While I am at home worrying about what "might" happen while my daughter is away, I have two friends who are now dealing with what "IS" happening. Thanks to Facebook, I know that there are two families out there who are dealing with the possible loss of a beloved family pet. Please understand that I am NOT comparing the lives of our pets to the lives of our children. I am just pointing out that this is one of those things that pulls at my heart strings. I have lost pets before, and it's something I never fully get over. Yes, I move on, but those critters continue to hold a special place in the family memory book.

Last night I was complaining about the black dog hair that carpets my tile floors. I am SO tired of running the vacuum, only to see the floor covered once again within the hour. No amount of brushing seems to prevent this. After I had whined on about it, I went out to check FB. Two friends, two emergency vet visits, two dogs who may not make it through the night. One little gal had five obstructions in her intestines, had lived through surgery, and was suffering from an abnormally low body temperature. The big strong guy had a heat stroke, was bleeding internally, and was on doggie life support. I sat at the computer and cried. Then, I went in and petted my big old mutt and told him I loved and all.

Attitude adjusted. I am thankful.

UPDATE: This was just posted on my friend Jeremy's FB page:

"Look Mommy, it's Hunter...." "No, sweetheart, that dog's name is not Hunter." "Yes, Mommy. I know that dog, and it IS Hunter."

-Unknown child at Belle Isle touched by the spirit of an unparalleled animal. He was my best friend.


Linda said...

We all need to remember to be thankful for what we have. Thanks for the reminder!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I know I sure miss my Grizzly dog. Hair,slobber and all. Funny I had a dream about him a few nights ago that he came home. His tail was messed up and he was hungary and I was so glad to see him. Wonder if that was God's way of telling me he's OK with him now?
And dont you worry about that Snow White. Like mother like daughter...she's gonna be just fine!

Unknown said...

Such a wonderful post and a reminder that we all (especially me) need to focus more on what blessings there are in life and less on what is negative.

I greatly thank you for this.

I will be praying for SW that she has a safe trip and enjoys her adventure.

mom x 2 said...

Ahhh, I love Dodger :) Drool and all haha!

I am thankful for Sunny(even the barking dangit) and Tiny Girl to keep me warm at night over the next 10 days while The Salesman is in Indiana :( Oh Lord, I've resorted to snuggling with the damn dogs!

I can't believe SW is off to TX ! And I thought going off to VT for the weekend would be bad this year. I believe a call to Wine One One is in order!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Isn't that the truth? As I was drowning in my own pity party, when we received the news this week from one of our fellow blisters about what SHE is coping with, I said to myself, Heavens.

Even if I lose every single thing I own, they're only THINGS that can be replaced or not, but life will still go on in some fashion. If something happened to one of my children, though, even to think that one of them might not be happy for a second, that's a whole different ballgame.

You are so right; it's easy to focus on the bad but when you step back and realize what you do have, you realize just how rich you truly are.

I"m also eternally grateful for my blisters. Blog blisters that is.

Anonymous said...

So true. We have so much to be thankful for.
I cannot imagine my life without the Brute Squad. Three Chihuahuas who leave hair on the sofa, toys in the hallway and occasionally trip you on the stairs. My life will be so sad and quiet when they are gone.

Here's hoping Snow White has a lovely time in Texas. You gave her those wings you know!

I Am Woody said...

Hope Snow White has a wonderful trip! And I hope you survive the worry:)

I look at my Dixie's face every morning (she watches me pee every morning!!) and see those streaks of gray get more and more pronounced. I know it sounds silly but she is one of my best friends.

She always seems to know when I am sick or when I am upset and sticks very close to my side.

She may slobber and fart but she loves me. All of me - the good and the bad.

Anonymous said...

I will only echo what others have said about this post being true.

I think it's our human nature that gets us in our little "ungrateful" moods, at times.-- And we can all use a reality check from time to time. ;)

Have a GREAT weekend girlie!
*Thoughts are with SW!

joanne said...

Even those of us who live with chronic illness and disability need to be reminded, every so often, to look beyond their own troubles. Great post and thanks for the wake up..;p

Thrifty Cents said...

Awww, I feel that way about my RATS ;o) BTW, I'm sure it was hard to have SW go that far for a week, but I'm sure she'll have an awesome time! And a great lesson in independence!

Bea said...

What a touching post. My daughters are 25 and 21, living 1500 miles from me. I miss them terribly and worry about them all the time.

I too fuss about the dog hair our three boxers leave. And then I look at our 13 year old boxer girly and know she will not be with us much longer.

abb said...

Well said. And I've decided at this very minute in my life I LOVE Stella-dog's tumbleweed hair gathering floating all over my house...

Mental P Mama said...

Been there, done all of that. And it NEVER gets easier. My love to each and every animal and their human.

T said...

Safe travels for SW! I hope she has an awesome time!!

Having just lost our much loved Vanna.....I know what a huge hole it left not just in my heart, but Rm & Cg's as well.

No matter what people say, they become members of our families....thru divorces, births and every up and down we go thru. And sometimes, they are all we have to turn to! I will keep your friends (and their dogs) in my thoughts and prayers.

Unknown said...

Snow White will be just fine....but I know how moms worry. My daughter, with much restraint only called twice a day to check on her 7 and 10 yr. olds. I hope she has a blast in hot humid Texas.

Good ol Dodger! Even if he wouldn't kiss me, because he saves his kisses for Cool Breeze, I know he loved me just a give him a hug for me and be grateful that the hair is black and not white (like JJ's).

Diane is beating the pants off us.

Shelley Jaffe said...

Ah, the floor dilemma. Take one fawn-colored pug, add one dark stained hardwood floor, leave alone for 0.5 seconds, and voila!

Behold the newest in home decor - semi-shag flooring!!

Whaddyagonnado? Gah.

Barking Mad! said...

Thanks for this. It's about time I go and snuggle my fur beasties. Don't know what I would do without them.

Audrey at Barking Mad!

Jason, as himself said...

Pets really are family members, no matter what other people say. said...

Oh, Angie. We have had two of our beloved pets die in the past few years and it's hard to think about them, but impossible not to.

Daryl said...

Wonderful post BHE .. I hope both pets made it through .. I dont know how Husband will survive when his Gus is gone .. even with Miss Rose to love ..

Country Girl said...

** sniff **

That last bit really got to me.

Suz Broughton said...

I know exactly what you mean! I grouse about my dogs...and bird...and snake and whatever else. But I am thankful for them.
Thanks for the reminder.