Monday, March 11, 2013


 I had the pleasure of spending Sunday afternoon sitting on the porch at Merroir with the one and only
There may have been wine. 

This driftwood bears an uncanny resemblance to our hair after venturing outside to take photos on a VERY windy afternoon!

"No Wake" = Thanks, Daylight Saving Time.  I dread you every year.

On this particular visit, I opted for
the caesar salad and crabcake with remoulade 
instead of oysters.

Annnnnndddd, there's the wine...

You always find a way to make
me pee myself laughing 
even the worst of days
worthwhile :)


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

And you do the very same for me. One of these days the reality TV people will come to their senses. In the mean time, maybe we need to hire our own video man.

Thank you for a great afternoon.

abb said...

Dear friends are just the best! You both are blessed!

Daryl said...

she is one of those wonders that if we could package or bottle her and share her everyone would be better off