Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Sis!

Today is my youngest sister's birthday, and this is her birthday card. I hope she won't be disappointed. If nothing else, I hope she gets a good laugh out of these pictures!

When we were growing up, she was always advanced for her age. I would like to believe that it was because she had two brilliant older sisters, but that wouldn't be the truth. Baby Sis is the tallest and smartest of the three of us. She was also the only one who got thick hair. Some people get it all, don't they?

When school picture day rolled around one year, Mom brought her to school to have her photo taken along with Middle Sis and me. I believe this was the same year that Middle Sis tried her hand at cosmetology. She whacked Little Sister's bangs off at the hair line! Fortunately, she never pursued that line of work. And Little Sis looked cute anyway! (Raise your hand if you LOVED those yarn hair ribbons. We had them in every color. Seems like we always fought over the hot pink set.)

Little Sis has always loved animals. That's one trait that all three of us share. There were always dogs and cats in our home, and we always enjoyed it when they snuck into our pictures!
She's the only one of us who has ever looked good in a hat. She got THAT from our great grandmother, who had quite a collection of hats and hat pins. (Middle Sis is in the left photo, and I am in the one on the right.)

She's always been great fun at parties. There was one occasion when she blew the biggest bubblegum bubble of all, and it popped and got all over her face and in her hair. It was a bit of a buzz kill.

She may have been Dad's favorite. But then again, we ALL thought we were the favorite:) Left to Right: Little Sis, Dad, Middle Sis, BHE.

Her hair required very little work to achieve it's '80's status. Maybe just a spritz of Aqua Net, as opposed to the two cans per day that Middle Sis and I required. Wait, are you wearing MY favorite sweater tank top in this picture? We'll talk about that later. UmmK?

Pepsi should have hired her to star in their commercials. She's much cuter than Cindy Crawford. This picture was taken on the Eastern Shore one year when we attended Pony Penning. (I believe I hid in the background when this photo was taken. Would you want to stand next to those two Pony Penning Barbies??)

She even danced at my wedding! Better yet, she didn't complain about that dress.....not even once. (WARNING: View at your own risk!) Left to Right: Middle Sis, BHE, Cool Breeze, Little Sis.

Baby Sis, I hope that your birthday is as special as you are. GREAT BIG HUGS AND KISSES FROM ALL OF US AT CASA DE ENVY!!!! WE LOVE YOU!
P.S. We REALLY need to get some new pictures of the three of us. Will you help me remember to take some the next time we are all together? Thanks. (I'm asking you because you are the SMART one. You are also the only one who hasn't lost her mind!)


Mental P Mama said...

Happy, happy birthday baby girl! By the way, I was partial to the tri-color yarn;)

BusyBeeSuz said...

Love all the pictures...all 3 of you are beauties. I hope she has a wonderful day and a fantastic year to come. Bonus...she still has her mind. wonderful for her.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I love those pictures.

You missed one heckuva party last night, but I'll wager you feel way better than I do today.


Happy Birthday Little Sister! I hope you have a good one and I love the pictures!
Don't feel too bad, I did the same thing Angie did to my brother for his birthday last July.

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Happy Birthday!

Vered - MomGrind said...

What a beautiful gesture.

Happy birthday little sis. :)

nikkicrumpet said...

Happy birthday to your sweet sister...and you SO OWE HER BIG TIME for making her wear that dress!!!!

Grandma J said...

Happy Birthday, Lil Sis. All three of you are quite beautiful...those dresses though! lol

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Happy Birthday!! She makes me want to go on a diet right now in that bathing suit! You all looked great and you were such a pretty bride.

Had a ton of yarn hair ribbons as well. I loved the orange and green ones.

Suz @ Alive in Wonderland said...

Happy birthday to your sis! This is way better than a card--you can tell her I said that *)

The Incredible Woody said...

Happy Birthday, Little Sis! You owe her for that blue bridesmaid dress. Which reminds me - I owe my big sis for the peach one in my wedding!

Dannan and The Girl said...

Happy day, Little Sis! Those pictures are FABULOUS!!

And OMG, yarn hair ribbons! And sweater tank tops! Today is definitely a time warp back to the 80's for me!

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

Happy Birthday to Lil'Sis!
LOVED the Wedding Pic's!! LOL!

Living on the Spit said...

This was a hoot! Happiest of birthdays to you sister. I would have worn that dress for you as well at your wedding.


soupisnotafingerfood said...

Hi - hopped over from Chesapeake Bay Woman... and am so glad I did because those bridesmaids dresses? PRICELESS!

Thanks for the smiles and happy birthday to the little sis!

Little Sis said...

Thanks for the birthday card. And just so you know, I not only wore that bridesmaid dress, I wore it to my Junior Ring dance that same evening. I am so thrifty.