Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Just a few things that are occupying that vacuous space between my ears today:

-If I ignore the leaves that currently blanket two acres of my yard, will they go away?

-If I choose to NOT send Christmas cards this year, does that make me a bad person?

-How is it possible for ONE dog to shed THAT much hair?

-Are there any teenagers out there who actually clean their rooms?

-Is it wrong to be SO excited about the big Thanksgiving meal? Will my thighs EVER forgive me for eating the big Thanksgiving meal?

-Does anyone really care that I use canned corn when making corn pudding? Is that cheating?

-Who invented the "pop-up timer"? I'd like to kiss that person.

-Why do people wear their pajamas to the grocery store?

-There are HOW MANY days until Christmas??? Oh, dear.

What are YOU thinking about today?


littletoesandcheerios said...

Hey, I too use canned corn for corn pudding...and mine kicks butt!! (or makes my butt big)
I get excited about the big dinner too 'cause I'm not cooking it this year.
You gotta try and send the cards. lol "Fred" has a lot of family out of town so I try to send out the cards mainly to the people we won't being seeing over the holidays.

I love it when you do these random thought blogs...always makes me giggle.

Cool Breeze said...

Here are my answers:

1. Yes, after I call the yard fairy.
2. Not in my book.
3. Have you ever noticed how big the dog is?
4. Not in our house.
5. always excited about the Thanksgiving meal, except the one time when I was a kid and they had brunswick stew instead of the traditional meal. I never did understand.
6. Your corn pudding is always a hit.
7. Benjamin Franklin
8. Because they are lazy fat asses.
9. Not many, again.

The Incredible Woody said...

Yes, they will go away. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Nope. I haven't gotten a good picture of us yet so I'm thinking of not doing cards either.

I know. It is everywhere. But, as I'm sure you know, no outfit is complete without accessorizing with a fine coating of dog hair.

Yes, and they end up being serial killers.

It is never wrong to be excited over food. Your thighs will thank you. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Corn pudding? Why?

Pop-up timer - now that's cheating!!

Because of the big Thanksgiving meal that they were so excited about.

Bah humbug.

Tootsie Roll Pops.

Grandma J said...

Get a leaf blower and blow them over to CBW's yard.

No. I send very few real cards, want one?

Dog hair,I give up. How do they shed it so easily when I can't seem to get it off me?

Teenagers.....stay out of their room until they turn 18...unless it smells like something died in there.

Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday...just tell your thighs it's salad.

Never had corn pudding. Doesn't stimulate my palate so go ahead with the canned.

God bless the inventer of the pop-up anything.

Pajamas are popular at Walmart too.

I'm thinking about shopping.

then maybe a nap.

Suz Broughton said...

My you ARE DEEP!
What else would you use besides canned corn? Oh, fresh corn...I think it's okay.

Cissy said...

Why can't we eat Turkey every day of the year?

Do all those calories count?

Will my husband realy put up lights this year, just because I asked. (I already know the answer to that question. Fortunately, the handy man's number is on speed dial.)

Who makes all these lighted palm trees?

Grandma J said...

I really want to come to the east coast blogapalooza or whatever you guys are calling it. I'm going to Denver for spring break, so don't plan it then...I'm babysitting and bonding with my grandkids there...

My other trip is the end of January in CA.

Did I tell you my SIL went to the University of Richmond?

nikkicrumpet said...

HAR...that was fun...and I was nodding my head as I read...you'd think I was a bobble head doll..but no...I was just agreeing with your amazing insight! And your comment about Making the killer turkey a centerpiece still has me laughing!

belladella said...

1- Wait. Last year I did and most of them blew away. Yes, I also wish this applied to other things.
2- They got lost in the mail
3- Try THREE and five cats
4- n/a :)
5- NO
6- I thought corn only came in cans
7- My pop up timer thingy never works
8- Why can't I wear pjs to work???
9- Let's not go there

I am thinking about sick hubby and 22lb bird that is thawing and other mother that is arriving tomorrow and about a million other things.


Mental P Mama said...

Did you see me at the store this morning? So according to Cool Breeze, I am a lazy fat ass. You know, I think he has a point...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

NO!!!! Don't you go and listen to that Grandma J. I don't need one more leaf in my yard. Blow them towards the west if you must...

For what it's worth, I'm a lazy fat ass and I don't wear pajamas to the store, but I do wear them to walk the dog and have been known to drive children to the bus stop wearing them. Is that wrong?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love all your thoughts. The leaves will EVENTUALLY blow with some good wind.
Teenagers can't clean their rooms, it is against their "cool" code.
I am thinking about.....laundry, going to see some friends tomorrow and eating a large meal that will put less room between my thighs...

Life with Kaishon said...

No, teenagers NEVER clean their rooms. I don't even have a teenager yet and I already know the answer : ).

Yes. Your leaves will go away. Trust me. What is the worst that could happen? You can tell people you are composting. Leaves are compost, right?

I am sorry your dog sheds so much.

My thighs have a hard time on Thanksgiving...and EVERY. single. other. day. of the year : ( unfortunately : ).

I was fine. Thanks for asking : ). You are the nicest!

Tami W. said...

A copperhead snake on your front porch??? AAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

I still want to come over but I'll have to wait until my astronaut suit is out of the cleaners!!!!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

I love that your hubby comments on your blog!! Ummmm ... I started answering yes ... no ... then I started giggling. I am thinking of two things--ONE, I need to go to the grocery store and TWO--I'd like to go anywhere else but the grocery store.

Little Sis said...

As usual, I am a day late and a dollar short. But I am wondering how many pies I can cook in one day. After that I am wondering how many pies I can eat! Don't send Christmas cards, visit everyone you know.

trailerparkbarbie said...

Here's what I'm thinking. I need you to FedEx me a few cans of Aqua Net. I was sitting in front of the boob-tube, not really watching. All of a sudden, I got this brilliant idea. ALl of my genious ideas come to me like that...all of a sudden.

Anyway...here's the idea. I could spray a couple of cans of AN up the turkey's butt...throw in a lit package of Motel 6 matches and cook my bird from inside out. Whaddya think???? Will you send me the AQN????