Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snow White

I'd like to introduce you to Snow White. This photo shows her at prom escorted by The Boy With The Perfect Teeth. It's somewhat ironic that we gave him this nickname several months ago. He sends Snow White a text message every night reminding her to wear her retainer. I.Am.Not.Making.This.Up. Last weekend, he sent ME a text message to remind Snow White to wear her retainer. I love this kid. I am convinced that he is from another dimension. In his world, they cast out those without perfect teeth. Evidently, he wants Snow White to live there one day.


mommypie said...

Wait ... I see ... your future son-in-law. And he's ... an orthodontist!

Your daughter is beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today -- love your title Big Hair Envy -- ha!

(Back in the '80s we used to call the coveted big hair BAH. Big.Ass.Hair.)

Holy Crappers said...

How cute are they.
Make sure he keeps his teeth in his own damn mouth LOL