Friday, June 20, 2008

John Keenan

When I was in elementary school, I wasn't too interested in boys. Unfortunately, there was one boy who was interested in me. John Keenan. He looked like the youngest brother on My Three Sons. I don't know why John found me so attractive - it must have been my Marcia Brady hair. He would write me little notes. You know the ones: "I like you. Do you like me? Yes No Circle One." I never returned them. I put them in my notebook and threw them away when I got home. No need to hurt the poor kids feelings.

I believe that the only reason I remember John Keenan is because that boy could SING! That little tidbit of information came to my attention one day in chorus. There were never many boys in 4th grade chorus, so the ones that were there stood out. I was impressed with his vocal stylings. This was short lived.

At that time (before fire) the Doobie Brothers were very popular. "Black Water" was at the top of the charts. I really liked that song. Evidently, so did John Keenan. One day in class, John was humming it. (Our assigned seating made it impossible for me to get away from him.) I made the mistake of telling him that I liked it. Well, he took that as an invitation to belt out "Black Water" every chance he got. Sometimes, he would just sing it quietly at his desk. A one man concert - just for me. Fourth grade felt as if it lasted two years. The teacher never did change our seating arrangement. I was never the same.

To this day I think of John every time I hear that song. Funny how things just stick in your mind. Over the years I have wondered what ever happened to the guy. I'm sure he is somewhere out there singing "Black Water" to a special girl.

John, if you ever read this, send me a message! Sorry, you just weren't my type. Now, the kid that thought he was Fonzie, he was sort of cool......................

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Holy Crappers said...

My crush was Rocco DePolo. Man was he a hunk. His shoelaces were always untied and his pants were way to long so they were all nasty and ripped up on the bottom.
He was my McDreamy.
bastid didnt even know I existed.