Monday, December 14, 2009


Animals, wild and domesticated, play a major role in life at Casa de Envy. The cooler temperatures discourage outdoor activities, and we find our pets spending more time indoors. Snuggling. We also find our wild "pets" foraging with a sense of urgency. Their groups become larger, and their pace quickens. It may have something to do with hunting season. It may also have something to do with finding a warm place to sleep before it gets dark at 3:00 p.m..

This year, my kitty has decided that the Christmas tree bores her. She would much rather sit on the window sill and watch for birds and visitors. I'm hopeful that all of the ornaments will make it through the season intact.

This is usually about the time of day that the deer venture into the field. When dusk arrives, they seem to move around a bit more. I'm alright with that, as long as they stay out of the road when I'm driving by!

I found this little guy asleep on my porch early Sunday morning. Poor thing! It was pouring down rain, and he couldn't find his owner. I went outside and fed him, called his owner to let him know where Buddy was, and let my dog out to play with him for a bit. While waiting for his owner to arrive, Buddy curled back up on that soft cushion and slept a bit longer:)

Our cat has been taking over our dog's bed for a couple of months now. Once in a while, he is able to get in there first and prevent her from inhabiting his space. Once in a while, she doesn't care if he's in there or not.....she's going to snuggle in right alongside him!!!

It's a good thing that our pets provide so much entertainment. Snow White will be off to college in less than a year, and the animals will be all we have left to comfort us in our time of grief keep us occupied.

Are you an animal lover?


Daryl said...

OH yes .. love 'em all .. and that is one handsome couple of pets you have there ... right now our older cat Gus isnt feeling well, his arthritis is being complicated by a bad fall or misstep (we didnt see it happen so we didnt know til he started limping)and he is less than tolerant about our younger cat Rose's attention, licking, and trying to play ... she doesnt understand why he hisses at her ..

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is very cute BHE. Our cats don't care for the dogs bed...unless they are mad and pee on it. hint hint: Clean my litter box!
I am so glad you helped Buddy out...he does look pitiful.
I think I should send you the two lizards and our snake "freddy" to keep you company next year too. Just give me your address, I'll send them now.
You are welcome.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

With five cats, a dog at my house; and 20+ cats, 2 dogs, a Gustav and several lame ducks next door, I have no choice but to be an animal lover.

Beautiful picture of the sky, and I agree - it does get dark at 3:00 p.m. It feels as though we have about two hours of daylight that begins at 11:30 and shuts down early afternoon.

Can't wait for spring. said...

Oh, heck yeah! We do love our pooches and cat! And any time there is a new dog bed brought into the house the cat moves in first! Does not matter where all there is to sleep. If it's new, it's for her. ;-)

T said...

Honey - 2 cats, a pup, 2 hamsters and a fish. Yep - a pet lover!

Love (and hugs to you) that you took care of the visitor! Shows what a sweetie you are!

Mental P Mama said...

That sky is glorious! And your pets will save your life next year. And so will your Blisters. Trust me;)

Brittany said...

I love animals, but I am ONLY a dog person. I dont see myself having any other pets besides a dog. At least not in the house... well maybe a fish. I think I Could handle a fish. :)

I just got a new dog. His name is Riley. Ya, I'm pretty much obsessed with him!

Karen Deborah said...

great pictures and yes I am. I own cats but love dogs--somebody help me.

Caution Flag said...

I'm with MPM: that sky is amazing!

I am quite taken, too, with our pet du jour. How do they get into our hearts so quickly?

Keetha said...

Big time! I don't have a pet now because the last one I lost liked to have broken my heart. I haven't seen The Lion King because I know it's sad.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I am an animal lover alright! I have...12 laying hens,11 birds at the feeder,10 worms on the porch,9 ladybugs on the ceiling,8 fruit flys in the kitchen,7 pound puppies from the 70s,6 reptile books, FIVE biting fleas....4 stuffed dinosaurs,3 mice dropping sitings, 2 howling wolf dogs and 1 fat cat that sleeps on the bed and wakes me up at 3:30 am every damn morning and wants to go out!

Ellen said...

I loved my pup who died in June. I'm not ready for a replacement since she is irreplaceable, but maybe in the future my heart will have healed enough to let another dog in. Emphasis on maybe.

Grandma J said...

Awe, Buddy looks so sad, and I bet he's glad he were there for him.

I love it when Dodger looks at me like that. Maybe I can earn a kiss from him next summer.

Diane said...

Huge animal lover. Most of the time. Unless the Brute Squad is being naughty!

Once K2 finishes nursing school and moves out, I'll be the crazy lady with the three cats and three dogs. The neighbors will laugh at how much time I spend yelling at them...I can hardly wait.