Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Wonder

My odometer just tripped 100,000 miles. I wonder if I can get another 100,000 out of her.

I wonder what would happen if there were an emergency, and the only car available was a stick shift?

If I had naturally curly hair, I wonder if I would long for stick-straight locks.

I wonder if blondes really do have more fun. NAH!!!

If they had never made red wine, I wonder what I would drink at night.

My daughter wants to go to college in NYC. I wonder if I am strong enough to handle that.

When I am old, I wonder if I will be "that crazy cat/dog woman".

I wonder why I am so attached to the color purple.

I wonder if it's wrong to take such utter delight in making cakes/cupcakes for someone's birthday.

When my dog barks incessantly, I wonder if it's wrong to wish he would just SHUT UP.

When I go to The Met in April, I wonder if people will point me out and say, "Oh. She MUST be from the country." **insert their eye rolls**

I wonder how dull my life would be if I had never met all of YOU wonderful people in the blogosphere.

What do YOU wonder?


Grandma J said...

You can't drive a stick shift? I wonder why not?

OK, that was lame...because i am spending tomorrow baking and I have been referred to as that lady with the dog....and I don't have a dog!

Living on the Spit said...

I wonder why there are no good comedy's on tv anymore and why we must be subjected to nothing but reality shows.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have lots of wonders too....and I think all of yours are valid.
I almost have 95,000 on my car and I keep saying THANK YOU that she starts each day.....:)
Who wouldn't want to be the crazy Dog/ cat lady???

no one would dare point fingers at you at the MET...well, maybe the jealous ones. You are a cutie....
so glad to get to know you.
I would make you my sister wife in a heartbeat. ;0 (scary right?)

Anonymous said...

That you cant drive a stick shift reminds me of a story I need to tell...

but as to the 100,000 miles--my dad just traded his car in at 196,000 so you can get another 100k out of her.

Anonymous said...

That you cant drive a stick shift reminds me of a story I need to tell...

but as to the 100,000 miles--my dad just traded his car in at 196,000 so you can get another 100k out of her.

Anonymous said...

I swear I only wrote that once...

The Incredible Woody said...

Blondes don't have more fun - they're just easier to see at night!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

There are very good answers to your questions, if only I could remember all the questions, but some of the ones I came up with are "yes" and "it's illegal to live in the country and not know how to drive a stick shift." Also "Don't even think that, a world without red wine can only exist on another planet, not this one."

We can't talk about life before or outside of the blogosphere, because that's too traumatic.

Oh, and no they won't point you out at the met! You can point THEM out and say, "I bet she doesn't know what a fiddler crab is," or "If a good piece of BBQ kissed her on the nose she wouldn't know what it was."

So there. Knock 'em dead!

littletoesandcheerios said...

I wonder why you park in a driveway and drive in parkway? I wonder why they call it a restroom? Why do birds sing so gay?

Why is Simon Cowell is such an @$$? (Pardon my typo french)
Just watched him crush poor little Jorge's dream. :(

C said...

me? ....i wonder what she's doin' tonight.... wait, thats an old song. ;) (but i love it)

ok. i wonder who invented liquid soap, and why....

i wonder why sheep dont shrink when it rains..

i wonder who wrote the book of love... (heehee another son

i wonder where the yellow went cuz i brushed my teeth with pepsodent... (old commercial)


Mental P Mama said...

I'm too busy being blonde and having fun to answer any of these, except that our daughters are switching states. I'll look after SW and you can check in on The Bird.

Jenn said...

I wonder if my children will still want to cuddle when they get older?

I wonder does driving a dirt/mud coated van make me a hick? (gotta love spring when you live on a dirt road!)

And if the last vehicle in the world for me to drive WAS a stick shift, we would all be in trouble! I don't even have to wonder about that one!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I wonder why we spend so much time wondering and who even cares if we wonder at all? It's a wonder we dont loose our minds wondering. Why do we wonder around? Is there any wonder why we dont get lost? I love wonder bread and I wonder if it really does build stong bodies 12 ways? I wonder if I would have less dust in my house if I had not found the wonder in blogging. I bet you are wondering if I am ever going to shut up. I am but not till I ask..wonder what it's like to have it all?

Caution Flag said...

I wonder when my life is going to start.

I wonder what's for dinner tonight.

I wonder how two total opposites can live together so amicably.

I wonder if you know how special you are.

Keetha said...

I, too, have pondered that emergency-stick-shift-driving situation and I've concluded that YES, yes, I could. And so could you, I just know it.

If your daughter comes to college in NYC, think of the fun you'll have when you go visit her!

I wonder why the less I have to do, the less I do, whereas the busier I am, the more efficient and productive I am.

I wonder why I have started three different novels and get too intimidated or scared off to finish them. said...

Heh, I love the way you look at things!
I spend most of my time wondering what I'm going to post about next.
But I have to say that I've wondered a lot of the same things as you. Only when my dog is barking constantly I don't wonder if it wrong to wish she'd shut up. I'm yelling at her to! ;-)
I sure am glad to have you for a bloggy bud.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why I never knew you had a blog???? Fun site, thanks for sharing w/ me!

Daryl said...

I wonder how it took me so long to find your blog